Sorry, it appears as though there will be no baseball this year!

The County of Hawaii Parks and Recreation Department has decided to remove the only baseball diamond on the west side of the island (at Simmons Field), thereby effectively eliminating baseball from the recreational activities afforded to West Hawaii Island residents.

Accordingly, there is no place for the League to play in 2013. The County Parks & Recreation Deparment has decided to skin the infields of all west side facilities, converting them to softball fields. Aside from the removal of the pitcher's mound, a skinned infield creates injury hazards that are challenging to insure. This complicates matters further, perhaps mandating use of wood bats only in future play.

Sadly, what appeared to be a good working relationship for 10+ years between the public and private sectors began breaking down a couple of years ago when county personnel, under questionable management, in many people's opinion, began neglecting facilities in and around Old Airport Park, including the community pool and especially Simmons Field.

Communications with the mayor lead to no action whatsoever.

Then, earlier this year, newly elected westside county council member Margaret Wille scoffed at the inappropriatelness of the budget, making specific reference to the holes in the Parks & Recreation Department. New to the political arena, she was quickly muffled and forced to retreat from her previously-spoken words.

Accordingly, the private individuals who were funding the league have decided that "partnering" with an entity that fails to act in good faith is no longer prudent.